< Difference of TSK Honeycomb block heater and sheathed heater >

TSK Honeycomb block heater is incorporated the heater element to the honeycomb ceramic that there are very few pressure losses. And, this is the structure that the gas passes evenly to inside and the outside of the heater element.
To this, the sheathed heater is input the heating element to the metal sheath pipe and the insulator (Magnesia) is filled up.

  TSK Honeycomb block heater (PAT.)
made in our company
Sheathed heater
made in other company
Thermal efficiency  Heat of the heater element is converted to the
 hot-air by 100% of efficiency because the
 heated gas can pass the outside and inside of
 the heater element that was wound up into the
 coil form.
 Thermal efficiency is bad for second heating
 (Rise in temp. is slow). At the high temp., the
 heat efficiency of passage gas falls off by the
 transformation of the sheath pipe (Pitch
 between the heater is fluctuated by hanging).
Life  The heater is not snapped regardless of temp.
 and can be used semipermanent because the
 watt density can be set low.
 The heater is easy to be snapped the watt
 density can be set high. And, this can be used
 at the high temp. level.
Safety  This can be used semipermanent because the
 insulation distance and space distance are
 secured sufficiently.
 Heating element and the metal sheath short-
 circuit by the insulation of the magnesia
 becomes bad.
Operation Cooling operation is not necessary.  Cooling operation is necessary without fail
 when the operation is stopped.