Electric Heater for generating the high temp. hot-air
 SHX - series

Max. hot-air temp. at the outlet  800゚C



< Common specification >
・ Rating - Continuation
・ Ambient temp. : -10C - +40C
・ Ambient humidity : Less than 90% R.H
・ Attachment attitude :  Horizontally
・ Sensor (K Thermocouple )
 A-sensor : For detecting hot-air temp.
 B1-sensor : For detecting overheat
                           prevention temp.
 B2-sensor : For detecting overheat
                           prevention temp.
                           For detecting hot-start temp.
 C-sensor : For detecting inlet temp.

< State of the ultra high temp. breakdown
     test of SHX-series >

  * Red heat

・ This is the heater for generating the high temp. hot-air that max. discharge temp. is 800゚C (at the suction temp.
     200゚C - 300゚C) and max. suction temp. is 600゚C.

・  This demonstrates the preeminent effect to the various usage of the high temp heating oven, heat source of the
     electric oven, anneal, high temp. endurance test, preheat of the casting ingot, and after-heater for the hot-air
     generator etc. that the high temp. is required.

・ Heater and blower are controlled and managed perfectly by the stationary controller.

 < Specification >
Model SHX24 SHX48 SHX72
Type 3200-24K 3200-48K 3200-72K
Power 3-phase 200V 50/60Hz
Heater capacity 24KW 48kW 72kW
Raised max. temp. Δt゚C Δ+500゚C Δ+550゚C Δ+600゚C
Outlet max. hot-air temp.
(Condition of inlet temp.)
( at inlet temp. 300゚C )
( at inlet temp. 250゚C )
( at inlet temp. 200゚C )
Inlet temp. 0゚C - +600゚C
Hot-start temp. max.500゚C 
Max. usable air volume About 20m3/min
Resisting pressure 8kPa
Bore of inlet ・
Bore of outlet
Flange NF125 (Internal effective bore φ100) ・ Flange NF75
Control method Heater control method : Zero-cross cycle control,
Blower control method : Inverter control
Matching blower Heatproof blower YU-H series , YU series, and blower until the motor capacity is 2200W

 < Use example >

・ Combination with the heatproof blower YU-H series.


・ Combination with the hot-air generator
( As the after-heater for raising the hot-air
temp. of the hot-air generator)


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