Max. suction temp. 600゚C
 T.S.K Heatproof blower

YU-400H                                         YU-750H

< Insulation of the blower casing inside >

< Angle and turn direction of the outlet >

・ Max. suction air temp. of 600゚C is materialized because the air cooling type motor by the cooling fan is established
      in 2 places.

・  Surface temp. of the casing is less than 100゚C when the suction air temp. is 500゚C because the insulating material
     is executed to the casing of the blower (with the cover).

・ This is used as the circulation blower of the high temp. hot-air oven, electric oven, and annealing oven.

・ Motor that had the margin to the air volume and static pressure is installed to long life.

 < Specification >
Model YU-400H YU-750H
Type 3200 - 04HY - L or R - 0 or 90 or 180 3200 - 075HY - L or R - 0 or 90 or 180
Max. suction air temp. Continuation less than 600゚C
Max. air volume 8m3/min 12m3/min
Max. static pressure 2.0kPa 3.5kPA
Power 3-phase 200V (For the inverter control)
Motor capacity 3-phase 2 pole 400W 3-phase 2 pole 750W
Rating current value 2.3A 3.3A
Material Touching gas department is all stainless steel
Bore of inlet / outlet Flange for connecting the hose
Flange for connecting the hose φ125mm
Weight 36kg 48kg


< Performance curve >


< State of the ultra high
temp. breakdown test
 of SHX-series for using
the YU-400H >

 * Red heat


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