Catalog No.3


 Definitive edition of the mold dryer in
response to the needs of the mold factory !!

 Electric hot-air mold dryer

  Necessities of the casting factory !
  Preeminent effect is demonstrated to the drying of the aqueous
  coating, mold, and core.



Energy conservation auto-drying function was installed to all the types !
Continuously blow operation and hot-air operation until the drying of
the mold ends is operated by the timer.
鋳型乾燥機 Xシリーズ 写真


Working method of mold drying
(Forced pushing out drying)

Working method of mold drying
(Large mold)


Scale for controlling the air volume, pressure, temp. and time that increase to the mold is equipped standard. 



Model X-3MS X-4MS X-5MS
Power  50/60Hz 3-phase 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V
Heater capacity 30kW 45kW 60kW
Max. air volume 20.3m3/min 26.0m3/min 33m3/min
Max. static pressure 4.25kPa 5.10kPa 8.90kPa
Auto-temp. control range Normal - +350゚C High efficiency digital temp. controller
Air volume control method Inverter, Variable type of 50% - 100% by the volume
Standard equipment

Inlet filter, 90゚ downward elbow, Flange for the hose

 Multi-branch head
90゚ elbow
φ100 TS-hose 4-pcs.
 φ100 Flange side the mold 4-pcs.
 φ100 High-torque band  8-pcs.

Price JPY 2,595,000 JPY 3,450,000 JPY 5,415,000
Delivery 2 months 2 - 3 months


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