High-blow nozzle


 Material is Aluminum,
    and Adjustment type of the slit width

 ・ 15AL type
 ・ 25AL type
 ・ 40AL type
 ・ 50AL type


 Material is Stainless steel,  and Compact design type

    ・ 25DS type
    ・ 38DS type
    ・ 50DS type

    ・ Pen nozzle (For the compressor)
 TSK-PN nozzle


 Material is Aluminum,  and Low pressure loss type

    ・ 50PN type
    ・ 65PN type
    ・ 75PN type
 High-blow nozzle SUS


 Material is Stainless steel,  Adjustment type of the slit width,
     and Low pressure loss Compact design type corresponding
     to large air volume

    ・ 65SUS type
    ・ 75SUS type
    ・ 100SUS type
    ・ 125SUS type



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