We Introduce  typical installation  and usage examples of hot air generators, heaters, and nozzles.
  Please refer to these exmaples according to your usage.
  Please do not hesitate to contact us for details on usage examples.

  《 Installation of Hot-Air Generator 》


drying furnace

● ONE-WAY drying furnace                                       (including large amount of organic solvent)

 《 Installation example of draining drying 》

● Draining and drying with an automatic
transport type washing machine
(with 5 series of nozzles)

● Draining and drying with an automatic
transport type washing machine
(with high wind pressure hot-air generator)

 《 Other drying usage 》

● Drying the tank truck

● High temperature drying before rust prevention coating      by cleaning C-shaped steel
                                                                      (High-temperature hot air circulation by using a heat-resistant blower together)

● Hot air drain drying after pickling        in the rolling process

● Drying pottery
(with mixing fan for improving temperature distribution)

● Internal drying after radiator leak test 

● Draining and drying the printed        circuit board


● Heat source for fluid drying, modeling drying, etc.


● Centrifuge drying


● Instant drying of water adhering
 to steel pipe


 《 Usage of  heating 》

● Prevention of dew condensation
 during storage of steel steel sheet in warehouse

● Heat resistance test of engine, turbine, etc.

● Piston shrink fitting

● Heat source for safety demonstration experiments
of various materials

● IPreheating before IC soldering

 《Usage of foods and chemicals 》

● Drying and sterilization after cleaning of food and chemical granulators and sugar coating machines.

● Complete drying, sterilization, mold prevention after cleaning food and chemical transportation pipes and hoppers

● Welding of film sheet

● Internal drying after washing the bottle

● Hot air disinfection of medical equipment, food containers, etc.

 《 Usage of painting and printing 》

● Prevention of uneven coating
by preheating before painting

● Rapid drying after pipe printing

● Cool curing after resin sheet coating

● Removal of foreign matter
before printing on cardboard surface

 《 Usage of resin chemical products》

● Welding of film sheet

● Drying inside tubes and pipes

● Wiring coating tube shirinkage

● Deburring the cut surface of the rope, fusing the resin

● Welding of PVC sheets, etc.

● Remove resin rheumatis,  during resin extrusion molding

● Heating before resin bending

● Press-fit insert nut
 for resin products

 《 Usage of Casting 》

● Forced extrusion drying
 of water-based mold release
(Dry multiple medium to large molds at the same time)

● Foam model water-based mold release
(Dry in a drying room at about 50℃)

 《 Apprication 》

● Auxiliary heat source for heat pump

● Large hot air generator

● Air curtains at the inlet and outlet of the drying oven

 《 Usage of Heat Exchanger 》

● Reuse of partially exhaust circulation type exhaust heat that requires dilution when drying organic solvents and water

● Reuse of exhaust heat containing a large amount of water droplets scattered in the layer in a rapid drainage drying system