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Definitive edition of Electric hot-air generator !!

 High pressure Hot-air generator
H-type series

* This is the type that the high pressure blower is equipped to the conventional hot-air generator.
Hot-air of the high temp. and high speed can be discharged by using the nozzle together.
 (Rapid removing water and rapid heating etc.)
This is suited in the case that high pressure is necessary to discharge side.

  ・ Continuous use max. hot-air temp.  350゚C

・ High pressure blower (Vortex blower) is   
     equipped the all type.

・ Input-output service terminal is equipped to
     the all type.
・ Each safety circuit is built. (High reliability 
       thermocouple is adopted to the each safety circuit.)
Noise reduction of about 5dB was realized.

Inverter can be installed by option.
 Please inquire.

Small, light, high pressure
 blower is installed


Example of rapid removing
 water and drying


High pressure hot-air generator
 for the clean air

  渦流ブロワ 写真 Small and light blower that the high pressure can be obtained by an original anteversion impeller method is equipped. And, the low noise and low vibration were realized.   急速水切りと乾燥の例 Drop of water is scattered and is dried instantaneously by the high blow nozzle is used together. Water mark (fur, blown spot) does not remain   クリーンエア用 HEPAフィルタBOX 写真 This becomes the hot-air resource for the clean room by the heatproof HEPA filter is installed to the outlet side of the high pressure hot-air generator.  

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TSK-22H4                                            TSK-53H7    


Type Power
Continuous use
max. temp.
Motor capacity
Max. air volume
Max. static pressure
Price Delivery
TSK-22H4 3200-3C-X4-L 3-phase
3kW 350゚C 0.55/0.85 1.9/2.2 10.1/13.8 JPY 581,000 D
3200-5C-X4-L 5kW
TSK-32H5 3200-7.5C-X5-L 7.5kW 1.3/1.9 2.9/3.3 15.0/17.3 JPY 627,000 D
TSK-52H6 3200-10C-X6-L 10kW 2.3/3.4 4.1/4.9 19.8/24.1 JPY 778,000 D
TSK-53H7 3200-12C-X7-L 12kW 3.3/5.0 5.4/6.1 17.5/22.9 JPY 1,003,000 D
TSK-62H8 3200-15C-X8-L   15kW   5.0/7.0 8.0/9.3 23.8/26.5 Order F
TSK-72H9 3200-20C-X9-L   20kW   7.0/11.0 10.1/12.1 24.8/25.0 Order F
Delivery  A : Immediate delivery - 3 weeks      B : 1 - 3 weeks     C : 2 weeks - 1 month     D : 1 - 1.5 months     E : 1.5 - 2 months     F : 2 - 3 months
 * Please inquire the evident delivery because the delivery may fluctuate by situation.


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